If you’re not out on the frontlines providing an essential service during SA’s pandemic lockdown, how are you whiling away the days? Chances are you’re taking the opportunity to spend a bit more time in bed!

During lockdown, your bed might be doing a lot of overtime, as you rise a bit later, cuddle up under the covers with your pets and a good book, or binge-watch that Netflix series you haven’t had time for before. Maybe you’ve even turned your bed into your temporary virtual office.

Whatever you’re doing in it, make sure your bed and its occupants are protected with a mattress protector. Here are five great reasons why:

  1. Because beds are basically sponges

Did you know you lose an average of half a litre of sweat each night, and that most of it is soaked up by your mattress? Those yellow, smelly stains on your pillows and mattress? Now you know the culprit.

  1. Because accidents happen

Whether it’s a spilled cup of coffee or a child-sized accident, liquid on a mattress means a cleanup headache for you, and new stains and unpleasant odours for your mattress.

  1. Because your mattress is an ecosystem

Protect yourself, not just your mattress. Dust mites feed off the dead skin cells you shed in bed. Over time, millions of dust mites set up home in your mattress, triggering allergic rhinitis, eczema and even asthma symptoms in susceptible sleepers. A waterproof protector reduces your exposure to dust mites.

  1. Because keeping your bed clean should be easy

Cleaning a dirty mattress is difficult and time-consuming, and few people ever remember the vacuum their mattress regularly. A mattress protector saves you from all that; just a quick wash in the machine along with the sheets, and your bed is once again a clean and hygienic haven.

  1. Because it’ll save you bucks in the long run

Many mattress warranties for defects are voided by excessive stains or soiling. Plus the longer you can keep your mattress clean and odour-free, the more years’ service you’ll get out of it.

And for five great reasons why that mattress protector should be a Protect-A-Bed protector? You really only need one: Protect-A-Bed’s Miracle Membrane. All Protect-A-Bed protectors are lined with this 100% whisper-quiet waterproof lining that keeps your mattress dry and hygienic, is impervious to dust mites, yet is 100% breathable for a comfortable, dry sleep.

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