Frequently Asked Questions

Should I place my woolen underlay under or on top of the Protect A Bed
  • You can do, but best on top as it will protect the underlay as well.
Can I use an electric blanket with the mattress protector?
  • Yes but make the mattress protector goes on top of the electric blanket.
The miracle membrane has changed colour over time. Will this affect the integrity of the protector?
  • No, the discoloration of the miracle membrane is a normal occurrence. It might be more pronounced depending on exposure to light, water and body acidity. This is considered normal wear and tear as far as our warranty is concerned
My protector has bubbles or blistering appearing on the miracle membrane.
  • The temperature settings on your tumble dryer are set above the normal temperature causing the miracle membrane to soften and pull away from the cotton comfort layer. This is not covered by the Protect-A-Bed® warranty
What do I do if I spill something on my mattress protector?
  • Machine wash using warm/hot water and tumble dry at medium temperature as quickly as possible after spillage, preferably while still fresh and wet
My cat urinated on my bed, no liquid or stains got through my mattress protector, however there is a strong smell of urine. Why?
  • The mattress protector is designed to be impermeable to liquids but permeable to gasses and vapors. Therefore if the smell of the urine get’s into the mattress it might penetrate the barrier and permeate the mattress. Just use a readily available odor eliminator, this will solve any of your problems
Will the mattress protector protect my mattress from stains?
  • Yes, the miracle membrane is designed not let liquid penetrate through the mattress protector therefore it will protect your mattress from getting stained
What is the miracle membrane?
  • Miracle membrane revolutionary is a polyurethane barrier film that is waterproof and breathable
Will the mattress protector protect me against dust mites?
  • Yes, the mattress protector will protect you against dust mites because the miracle membrane does not allow the dust mite feces penetrating as the size of the feces particle is larger then the pore of the miracle membrane
Can I iron my mattress protector?
  • No, do not iron your mattress protector because it could damage the miracle membrane
Can I hang my mattress protector out in the sun to dry?
  • Yes, you may hang your mattress protector out to dry, however it may turn yellow if exposed to sun but that will not affect the durability or integrity of the mattress protector
Can I use bleach when I wash my mattress protector?
  • No, because the bleaching process will destroy the miracle membrane
Can I dry clean my mattress and pillow protector?
  • No, chemicals used when dry cleaning will destroy the miracle membrane
Can I dry my mattress protector in the dryer?
  • Yes, you can tumble dry your mattress protector at low to medium 65°C to 70°C and always dry together with other linens
At what temperature should I wash my mattress and pillow protector?
  • Premium Product: Can be washed at warm or hot temperature Super Deluxe: Can be washed at warm temperature
Which side should be visible when placed on my mattress?
  • The terry toweling side, which is 100%, cotton top and absorbent should be visible when placed on the mattress


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