Frequently Asked Questions

Should I place my woollen underlay over or under my Protect-A-Bed mattress protector?
  • While you can do either, we recommend placing your underlay underneath your mattress protector, as it will protect your underlay as well.
Can I use an electric blanket with my Protect-A-Bed mattress protector?
  • Yes you can, but make sure that the protector goes on top of the electric blanket.
The Miracle Membrane® has changed colour over time. Will this affect the integrity of my protector?
  • The discolouration is a normal occurrence and will not affect the performance of your protector. The discolouration might be more pronounced, depending on exposure to light, water and body acidity. This is considered normal wear and tear as far as our warranty is concerned, as it will still perform as expected. 
What do I do if I spill something on my mattress protector?
  • Machine wash your protector using warm or hot water, then tumble dry at medium temperature. This should be done as soon as possible after your spillage, preferably while the spill is still wet.
My cat urinated on my bed, no liquid or stains got through my mattress protector, however there is a strong smell of urine. Why?
  • Our mattress protectors are designed to be impermeable to liquids, but permeable to gasses and vapours. This is to ensure your complete comfort, giving you a waterproof yet breathable sleeping surface. However, this means that some of the smell might have penetrated the barrier – to solve this, use any readily-available odour eliminator on your mattress.
Will the mattress protector guard my mattress from stains?
  • Yes, our Miracle Membrane® is 100% waterproof, so no liquids will penetrate through the protector, preventing any stains on your mattress.
What is the Miracle Membrane®?
  • Our patented Miracle Membrane® is a revolutionary polyurethane barrier film that is 100% waterproof while remaining 100% breathable and whisper-quiet for maximum comfort. All our products feature the Miracle Membrane®, giving you a cool, dry and comfortable place to sleep. Click here to find out more.
Will my mattress protector guard against dust mites?
  • Yes, due to our Miracle Membrane®, dust mites and their allergy-causing faces are not able to penetrate the protector.
Can I iron my mattress protector?
  • No – ironing your mattress protector could damage the Miracle Membrane, which would impact the performance of your protector.
Can I hang my mattress protector out in the sun to dry?
  • Yes; however, this may cause the protector to turn yellow. This will not impact the durability or integrity of the protector, but will cause some discolouration. Seeing as our protectors are designed to go under your bottom sheets, this shouldn’t make too much of a difference.
Can I use bleach when I wash my protector?
  • No. Bleach is a harsh chemical which will destroy the Miracle Membrane®, impacting the performance of your protector.
Can I dry-clean my protector?
  • No. The chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process will destroy the Miracle Membrane®, impacting the performance of your protector.
Can I dry my protector in a tumble dryer?
  • Yes, our protectors can be tumble dried at low to medium heat (65-70°C) and must always be tumble dried together with other linens. Tumble drying your protector alone or on higher heat could damage the Miracle Membrane®.
At what temperature should I wash my protector?
  • Protectors in our Premium range can be washed at warm or hot temperatures.
Which side should be visible when I place my protector on my mattress?
  • The terry towelling side should be face-up, as this side is 100% cotton and absorbent.
Do Protect-A-Bed products come with a warranty?
  • All Protect-A-Bed products come with a product warranty. In the unlikely event that your protector stops delivering on the Protect-A-Bed promise of high standards because of a manufacturing or fabric defect, we will replace it free of charge. To make a warranty claim, please call us on 0800 775 775. 
  • When you purchase your protector, please click here to register your warranty.
Do different mattress protectors fit different sized beds?
  • Our mattress protectors are available in various sizes to suit all sized mattresses. If you are unsure of which size to purchase, send your contact details and the size of your bed to info@protectabed.co.za and our team will gladly assist you in choosing the right protector.
How often should I wash my protector?

You should wash your mattress protector every 45-60 days, unless there is a spillage. Please follow the wash care instructions to ensure that you do not damage the Miracle Membrane®.

Do mattress protectors prevent allergies?
  • Dust mites are the most common cause of allergy symptoms, and our mattress protectors are designed to form an impenetrable barrier that stops dust mites and their allergy-causing faeces in their tracks. Dust mites live in your pillows too, so for complete protection, make sure you cover your pillow with one of our pillow protectors.
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