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Im totally satisfied with the purchase of this products thanks


It was exactly as I expected. It does the job in preventing allergies. It fits all size pillows. A bargain for a good nights sleep.


Other than it being a little noisy to lay on it works as advertised.


I feel necessary for any new pillow, as you can wash the cover much more often than you wash the pillow.


I was no impressed at all with this product. To be honest I could get a better quality for the price. I won’t get it again for sure.


Great quality and love the fact that it closes with a zip so the pillow is totally protected.


Works well


Love it


Very happy with the product. It’s exactly as advertised. I will place a new order soon for my other pillows.


Great value for money.


Great quality and material. As expected


Good Quality

Lester Dyjon Sagathevan

Hi I bought this for my brother he has a mental illness he makes the pillow wet we tried all different marterals of the pillow cases but this is working perfect thanx.


I am sleeping better since I bought this pillow protection.it changed my pillow completely for good


Good quality


Very good

Petro Grobler

Best Mattress protector that you can get!


so far so good no complains and thumps up to the fast delivery i couldnt believe it when i got my parcel within 2days!!!!


While in lockdown we got bed bugs. This worked perfectly and bed bugs were gone.

Anye Jansen van Rensburg

This is the best way to protect your investment. Replacing mattresses only comes once in a while. This protector will ensure that your mattress does not get damaged with liquids and keeps the mattress absolutely dust free. This protector encloses all six sides of the mattress, keeping it looking as good as new for years to come. Buy two, so that you can keep your mattress fully protected while washing the other one. You never know when accidents happen.


This is an excellent product. I had major problems with bedbugs and dust-mites. For the price I had expected A LOT. And boy, has it delivered. I’ve had the encaser over my mattress for a month now, and the bedbugs and dustmites are simply gone. It’s such a relief. I battled them for months, I put the encaser over, and poof, they vanished after the first day. I found some traces of their black excrement, but not much. They were utterly confused at the lost of their home, and simply vanished. I was told to expect a battle on the outside of the mattress, since the bugs do like to hide in whatever holes they can – they love to dig into wood crevices. A few months ago things got so bad I had to replace my wooden bed base with a steel one. I also feared they would simply cling onto the mattress encaser, instead of the mattress, but those fears were quickly dispelled. SOME TIPS: Before putting over the encaser, remove all the bugs, and give your mattress a good scrub. Don’t soak it, just get all of the black excrement and dirty parts off with a brush. PLEASE DO read the instructions properly – you MUST find someone to help you put the encaser over, and YOU MUST put the mattress upright before putting the encaser on. The material is very sturdy, but you could tear it if you don’t do it properly especially if you have a heavy king or queen size mattress. YOU MUST wash all clothing/bed linen which has come in contact with the mattress. Two weeks after I had put on the encaser I put back on the bed an unwashed duvet which used to be on the uncovered mattress. For two nights I battled with dust-mites from the duvet, they attacked me from all over and you can’t see those little bastards. I washed the duvet and poof, they were gone. So far, it’s been all good, this is a really terrific product. I sleep soundly now, thank God! It’s been a living hell with those creatures. I can recommend this encaser without hesitation. It’s expensive, but it’s been worth every sent.


I is a great product


I am very satisfied with the product.


I bought this because I read that mattress protectors keep dust and dust mites at bay. However, the material is very thin, and I do not think it helps. Further: the top and bottom sides are made of different material. But there is no indication which of the two sides should be up and which down. It is also not obvious from looking at or touching the material. Also; the material is very slippery. The protector must be used with a fitted bedsheet. A conventional bedsheet easily comes off during the night. For me this product ads zero value. I only give it 2 stars because there may be other customers out there who know which way it should be fitted and who need it for a different purpose.


I’m allergic to mites so this is great