Menopause is a natural part of the aging process, when a woman’s ovaries stop producing estrogen and other hormones. Various symptoms of menopause can lead to trouble sleeping, with a study by the National Sleep Foundation finding that over 60% of menopausal women experience some level of related insomnia.

Symptoms of menopause & their impact on sleep

Amongst the varied symptoms of menopause are hot flashes and increased sweating, which is particularly noticeable during the night. These can make getting to sleep – and staying asleep – particularly difficult, especially for those who are already hot sleepers. A lack of good quality sleep at night can lead to drowsiness in the day, reducing your energy to work and do everyday tasks.

Natural remedies

In addition to, or instead of, medical solutions, there are some simple practices and habits that can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Loose clothing made from natural fibres should be worn to bed, giving your body room to breathe throughout the night. You can also ensure that your bedroom stays cool by opening a window, putting on a fan or investing in an air-conditioner.

Practice general guidelines for healthy sleep, such as sticking to a regular bedtime, exercising, cutting back on caffeine and avoiding naps during the day. Check out this article for more sleeping tips, whether you’re experiencing menopause or not.

Invest in a cooling, waterproof & breathable mattress protector

Fabric technology has come a long way, and the right mattress protector can improve your sleep quality in a variety of ways.

Protect-A-Bed’s Elite Tencel is made from a revolutionary sleep-enhancing fabric woven from ethically-sourced wood-based fibres. These Tencel fibres offer the softness and durability of silk, with 50% better moisture-wicking and thermoregulating properties than cotton.

And with Protect-A-Bed’s Miracle Membrane lining, the Elite Tencel fitted sheet comes with mattress-protecting properties as standard.

Therm-A-Sleep Snow, offering varying cooling and comfort levels. Cold-to-the-touch with Nordic Chill fibres for an instant cooling effect. Luxurious and silky smooth, Snow is designed for those that appreciate performance fabrics and have a desire for the coolest night’s rest. Nordic chill is smoother than cotton and pulls heat away from the body almost 10 times faster than cotton would

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