What size is my bed?

Not sure what size your bed is? Here is a quick guide to help you know what size mattress you sleep on so that you can pick the right size Protect-A-Bed® product to fit it.

Bed size Standard Mattress
Length x width
Extra length Mattress
Length x width
Mattress Depth
Single 92 x 188cm 92 x 200cm 25 – 40cm
Three quarter 107 x 188cm 107 x 200cm 25 – 40cm
Double 137 x 188cm 137 x 200cm 25 – 40cm
Queen 152 x 188cm 152 x 200cm 25 – 40cm
King 183 x 188cm 183 x 200cm 25 – 40cm
Super King n/a 200 x 200cm 25 – 35cm
Extra Super King n/a 220 x 220cm 25 – 40cm

All Protect-A-Bed® mattress protectors (excluding Buglock®Plus) are fitted sheet style and come with an expandable skirt. This skirt ensures our mattress protectors fit any depth of mattress (25-38cm, up to 40cm), including extra length mattresses.