Keeping ourselves healthy has never been more important than it is now. Here are five ways you can help your immune system stay in tip-top condition.

Before we start though, it’s important to stress that while these tips can help you keep your body and mind as healthy and fit, they will not protect you from potentially catching the coronavirus.

The only methods currently advocated by the World Health Organisation and medical professions to prevent contracting coronavirus are:

  • Rigorous and frequent hand-washing with soap, or with hand sanitiser;
  • Not touching your face;
  • Practising strict social distancing; and
  • Staying at home unless you are performing an essential service, or have to go out for food, medicine, or to use an essential service, such as seeing a doctor.
  • The wearing of an appropriate face mask

Five tips to support your immune system:


While you’re in lockdown, it can be tempting to chow down on comfort foods. However, remember the old adage “You are what you eat”. Support your immune system by powering your body with whole foods rather than processed foods. These include fruit and veg, lean meats and healthy fats .Cut down on sugar and alcohol, and reduce your refined carbohydrates.


Proper hydration supports the functioning of your whole body, and helps you recover faster during an infection. Stay away though, from sugary cold drinks and energy drinks.


We need enough good quality sleep to help our bodies stave off infection. It also helps us fight off infection if we do fall sick. Check out the infographic below to see if you’re getting enough sleep each night.

You can enhance your sleep with a Protect-A-Bed mattress protector that will ensure your mattress stays clean, dry and odour-free for a more comfortable sleep. It will also reduce your allergy load load by cutting your contact with Dust mites, pollen and moulds in your mattress.


Staying active during lockdown might not be easy, but it is essential. This is not just to stay healthy but to boost your mood. If you’re able to get outside, take a brisk walk around your garden; even 20 minutes will help. (Getting outside will also help you get some vitamin-D-boosting sun exposure.) If you’re exercising indoors, YouTube can offer you ideas and workouts to follow. You can also check out this link to a Daily Maverick article with suggestions for home work-out mobile apps.


It’s not just your body that needs support during lockdown. Bolster your mind and your mood by staying in touch with loved ones and friends you’re cut off from. If you’re in lockdown with your family, turn off screens and make time for proper connection. Stay positive: mindfulness exercises, meditation and staying in touch at home could help you maintain a positive outlook.

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