Hay fever season is upon us once again, forcing many of us to load up on antihistamines and keep a box of tissues at hand at all times. While you probably associate your allergic reactions with the outdoors, it is highly likely that your mattress is becoming a hotbed of grass pollen and other seasonal allergens. This is a problem that can be easily solved with a good mattress protector.

If you keep your windows open, have pets who are often outdoors, or bring your street or work clothes into your bedroom, then grass pollen can be easily transferred to your mattress. Acting almost as a sponge for pollen and dust, your mattress can easily trap allergens within its many folds, seams and layers.

While some surface levels can be managed by frequently washing your bedding, mattresses and pillows can’t be simply thrown in a washing machine. A high-quality mattress protector is the best solution to beating back seasonal allergies.

Utilising Miracle Membrane® technology, which has been tested against the same standards as surgical gowns, Protect-A-Bed’s premium mattress and pillow protectors provide an impenetrable barrier against allergens, dust mites, liquids and more. Our protection solutions are 100% waterproof, while remaining breathable and comfortable for a great night’s sleep.

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