A mattress protector is not a nice to have … it’s an essential defence that no bed should be without.

Mattresses can’t be regularly washed like bed linen, and yet they face a daily onslaught of leaks, spills and stains that eventually leaves them soiled and stripped of their manufacturer’s guarantees.

Given that on average we lose up to half a litre of sweat and body fluid each night, you need to ensure this is not going straight through to your mattress.

And it’s not just perspiration you should be worrying about. Other common stains come from childhood bedwetting and adult incontinence, stains which are extremely difficult to clean successfully. And it takes just one spilled cup of morning coffee to leave a mattress with a permanent stain and avoided guarantee.

Apart from causing stains, any moisture in your mattress also creates the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and bed bugs, mould and bacteria.

Stain prevention is therefore important to ensure that you, the sleeper, have a restful, comfortable and hygienic sleep.


Millions of people are affected by incontinence and bedwetting, conditions which do not discriminate when it comes to age or gender.

Urinary incontinence is a condition that causes the involuntary leakage of urine, which has a profound impact on people’s quality of life. Some studies show that as many as 1 in 13 adults is incontinent, and 1 in 5 children will wet the bed. For all types of incontinence and bed wetting, it’s important to diagnose the condition by visiting a specialist in the field.

Although incontinence is a common medical condition, many people still feel embarrassed to seek advice and discuss treatment and incontinence products – such as waterproof mattress covers – that can improve their situation and alleviate the anxiety that accompanies this condition.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to incontinence and bed wetting is how to deal with the issue on a daily basis. Incontinence does not have to affect your quality of life or disrupt your normal activities. There are a variety of products, such as waterproof mattress covers, that can assist in leading a life that is not ruled by incontinence.


For many people who suffer from incontinence, finding products which are both effective and discreet is important; that’s why Protect-A-Bed® is the preferred choice worldwide when it comes to incontinence products.

Protect-A-Bed® offers a full line of waterproof mattress protectors that are especially useful for incontinence sufferers, providing an effective and discreet shield between the mattress and the sleeper, taking the stress out of night-time accidents.

The secret behind Protect-A-Bed®’s global success is its Miracle Membrane®. This patented material makes Protect-A-Bed® mattress protectors 100% waterproof, while still being 100% breathable and permeable to air, thus ensuring a comfortable, dry sleep.

The Miracle Membrane® ensures that nothing penetrates through to the mattress, a claim which Protect-A-Bed® backs up with a minimum two-year replacement guarantee, the only mattress protector brand to offer such an assurance.

Protect-A-Bed® waterproof mattress covers are machine washable, can be sterilised, and tumble dried.