Basic furniture like bed bases and mattresses usually come standard with student accommodation. But have you ever stopped to consider how old your res-room mattress is. What about how many people have slept on that stained commune bed before you?


A used mattress is not just a piece of furniture: it’s a thriving ecosystem. When we sleep, we slough off millions of dead skin cells. This is really handy for the millions of dust mites grazing inside the fibres. These microscopic arachnids live off dead skin cells, which they find in abundance in soft furnishings like mattresses.

But while dust mites are invisible to the naked eye, they cause noticeable effects. The protein in dust mite droppings is a major trigger for asthma and allergic rhinitis. This makes dust mites bad news for allergy sufferers.

On top of dust mites and their waste, old mattresses have also been soiled by previous sleepers. People lose an average of half a litre of sweat and bodily fluids each night. Much of this is soaked up by the unprotected mattress. If you add the occasional spilled drink or dropped food, it’s no wonder that an old mattress is often stained and smelly.

Now do you really want to be getting into bed with all that each night?

Yet bringing in your own new mattress is often not an option when it comes to on-campus accommodation. It’s also an additional expense no one needs to add to the already high costs of tertiary education.


The solution is to put a barrier between yourself and the history ingrained in your old mattress. Many people only think about getting a mattress protector when they’re buying a new mattress. But mattress protection isn’t just about protecting the bed; it’s about protecting the sleeper.

A mattress protector like Protect-A-Bed’s Classic Comfort is affordable, effective and simple. It’s also a great way to protect the sleeper from the less hygienic qualities of an old, used mattress.


Protect-A-Bed’s Classic Comfort mattress protector is completely waterproof, yet breathable. This ensures a cool, dry sleep. Being waterproof also makes it an impenetrable barrier against dust mites, reducing allergic reactions.

Not only easy to use, the Classic Comfort is also easy to care for. It only needs to be washed once a month, unless it becomes wet or heavily soiled. It is fully machine washable, and can be tossed into a tumble-dryer on a medium heat.

So add a mattress protector onto your list of ‘varsity requirements for the new year’. Then the only thing keeping you up at night will be an assignment deadline, not the thought of sleeping in an unhygienic bed.

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