Life can be stressful enough at the best of times, but add a countrywide lockdown and fears about Covid-19, and is it any wonder you might be finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep? If nodding off is proving to be a challenge in these challenging times, a sleep app might help you get the immune-boosting Zzzzs your body needs.

We’re always being told to put down our phones at night to promote better sleep, but if you’re having trouble falling asleep, this is one time when technology can actually help.

We’ve checked out some reviews to help you find the right sleep app for your needs, so you not only fall asleep easier, but stay asleep.


Tom’s Guide reviewer John Corpuz recommends SleepScore, which records your sleep movements and gives you a “sleep score” to help you gauge the quality of your sleep. Find John’s full review here.

Katie Golde from Mattress Clarity ranks sleep-tracking app Sleep Cycle as her top free Android and iPhone sleep app. Despite its in-app purchases, Katie chose this app for its great free features, like detailed sleep stats and sleep analysis. Check out Katie’s in-depth review here.

Other sleep-tracking apps to try? Sleepzy, SleepTime+, Pillow and Fitbit


If you like to fall asleep to white noise or the sounds of rain and crashing waves, Katie recommends Relax Melodies, which has a sound library of over a hundred sleep-inducing sounds. It also offers guided meditations and relaxation techniques.

Other apps in this category to check out? Try Pzizz, White House, White Noise Lite and Noisli.


Tom recommends Headspace if you’re wanting to improve your sleep through mindfulness and guided meditation. The app has a section called “Sleepcasts”, which is dedicated to sleeping aids like relaxing music, and wind-down exercises for before you hit the sack. Katie’s top pick in this category is Calm, which has meditations for beginners through to advanced, guided sleep moves, as well as a library of sounds and narrated sleep stories for relaxing into sleep.

Other apps to try in this category: Digipill, Relax Melodies and Relax & Sleep Well


Once you’ve made your pick and you’re letting your sleep app do its thing, be sure you’ve got a Protect-A-Bed mattress protector doing its thing too. It’s waterproof to ensure your bed is a clean, dry, odour-free haven, and whisper-quiet so there’s no crinkling or crumpling to disturb your sleep. You can grab yours here.

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