Just because South Africa has moved down another Lockdown Level, doesn’t mean it is back to business as usual for the hospitality industry.

In the pre-Covid world, hygiene, while important, wasn’t quite the obsession it is today. For most guests, as long as the sheets and towels were clean and the room was serviced and hygienic, they lost little sleep over who had touched the TV remote and door handles or who’d last slept in the bed.

But now, in a time of heightened focus on hygiene, concerns about cleanliness will be keeping many potential guests from booking that much-needed break, even now that leisure travel is allowed.

Through enhanced cleaning and sanitising protocols, hospitality facilities will need to win back business by reassuring hygiene-conscious guests that they are safe environments.


While reluctant travellers will surely have many areas of concern, beds are likely to rank high on the list, considering the hours guests tend to spend in bed, coming into close contact with the residues of whoever slept there before them.

But reassuring your guests about your stringent laundering protocols may not be enough, since it’s not just the linen that should be washed after guests depart. Unprotected mattresses soak up an average of half a litre of bodily fluids including saliva and perspiration each night. Yet unlike bed linen, mattresses can’t be washed, and while pillows can be cleaned, they’re a laundry nightmare.

The only way to keep your hotel’s beds truly clean is to prevent them from getting contaminated in the first place, by using mattress and pillow protectors.


Across the world, society’s heightened attention on good hygiene has seen the sale of mattress and pillow protectors skyrocket. You can give guests similar peace of mind away from home with Protect-A-Bed protectors.

All Protect-A-Bed’s protectors have an impermeable waterproof membrane that keeps all fluids and liquids from reaching the mattress and pillows. This Miracle Membrane still allows the free flow of air though, for a cool, comfortable, whisper-quiet sleep. It is also an impenetrable barrier for dust mites, which is great news for your allergic guests.

And since Protect-A-Bed protectors are as easy to launder as bed linen—simply wash and tumble-dry along with the sheets—they’re a simple yet powerful way to assure guests that they’re getting the cleanest bed possible.

Show your guests that you’re going the extra mile to ensure they’re safe once they venture from home, with Protect-A-Bed mattress and pillow protectors. They’re one more step you can take to help guests overcome their very real concerns about venturing out into the world again after so many months in lockdown.

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