There were four in the bed, and the little one said … “Fido, you’re hogging the blanket!”

If bedtime means scooting over to give your fur babies more room, then you’re not alone. Nearly half of dogs and just over 60% of cats sleep with their owners. Don’t take our word – this is according to a pet owner survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association.

Being near our pets boosts the hormone oxytocin in our bodies, helping us feel more relaxed and happy. So it’s no wonder that many pet owners want to keep that comfort going all night.

Some pet owners say that snuggling with a pet helps them settle better for sleep, and, in the case of dog owners, feel safer during the night, especially if they’re sleeping solo. Pets are also warm and run several degrees hotter than their humans, making them efficient, furry bed warmers on chilly nights.

If you love sharing your bed with your pets, here are five tips to ensure you have a hygienic, healthier night under the covers:


Pet dander is a major trigger for people with allergies and asthma. This might be true for you, but you can’t bear the thought of sleeping without your furry companion. In this case, speak to your doctor or allergist about allergy shots. Known as immunotherapy, this could help reduce or even stop your allergic reaction to certain allergens


Wash your sheets weekly on a hot wash to remove dirt and eliminate allergens.


While cats attend to their own grooming, it’s bath-time for bed-sharing dogs. Dogs come in contact with pollen, grass and dirt which you’d rather not have tracked into your bed. Frequent baths will also ensure they remain pleasant bed fellows.


Be sure your fur babies have routine vet checks to keep them up to date on vaccinations and deworming. You should also look out for tick and flea treatments. This will ensure that any parasitic nasties don’t find their way to you under cover of darkness.


Protect your mattress and pillows from muddy paws, drool, shed fur and the occasional mouse-hunting trophy with a waterproof, anti-allergy mattress and pillow protectors from Protect-A-Bed. These protectors prevent your mattress and pillows from getting pet-related stains and odours.

A Protect-A-Bed protector will also protect you (and your pets) from allergy-causing dust mites. These bugs thrive in moist, dark environments like mattresses, feeding on our dead skin cells and pet dander. (Did you know that dust mites can cause itching, ear infections and skin conditions in pets?)

These five tips will help you and your fur babies enjoy a healthy, more hygienic sleep. Now if only there was a simple solution for blanket hogging …

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