Like many people, you might find yourself asking the same questions each winter: “Do I put my electric blanket over or under my mattress protector?” and “Is it even safe to have both on the bed?” For the answers to these questions, and other safety tips when it comes to using your electric blanket during the chilly months, read on…

First, it is quite safe to use a Protect-A-Bed mattress protector with an electric blanket. A Protect-A-Bed mattress protector will not melt or burn when placed over a safe, quality-tested electric blanket.

On the question of over or under, your electric blanket should go under your mattress protector. This will give your electric blanket the same protection as your mattress when it comes to sweat, bodily fluids and other spills and stains. Putting the mattress protector over the electric blanket will also prevent dust mites from making their home in it.

Four more tips for safe use of your electric blanket…

  1.  When you first get your electric blanket out from storage, inspect it carefully before putting it on your bed. If you find any frayed wires, charred spots, tears or cracks, it’s time to retire that blanket and get a new one.
  2. Don’t run the cord between or under other materials, such as under mats, or between your mattress and the base set. The weight of your mattress, or friction from walking over the mat, could damage the cord.
  3. When you pack away your electric blanket after winter, rather than folding it up, you should roll it carefully, checking there are no kinks in the fabric. Folding an electric blanket could bend the internal wires, which could break over time. Also, don’t wrap the cord around the control unit. Rather loop the cord loosely to keep it from bending.
  4. It’s good practice to replace electric blankets every ten years, to prevent fires from worn and damaged electric wiring and components. Older products will also not have the benefits of safety advances made in the field, such as improved thermostat controls and lower-wattage heating, so it’s a good idea to routinely ‘upgrade’ your electric blanket to take advantage of these improvements.
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