Are you a bit of a hothead in bed, plagued by a sweaty head, constantly flipping your pillow in an eternal search for the ‘cold spot’? The problem could lie in your pillow.

Comfy as they are, pillows can contribute to a hot, uncomfortable sleep. A pillow takes the form of the sleeper’s head. By wrapping around your head, your pillow prevents efficient heat exchange, causing sweating, discomfort and broken sleep.

To make matters worse, sweating on your pillow over time will leave it unhygienic, stained and smelly, the perfect damp environment for mould and bacteria to thrive in.

The answer is to banish the heat with a little snow, in the form of Protect-A-Bed’s SNOW pillow protector. When it comes to pillow cases, the SNOW pillow protector is the coolest of them all: quite literally.

Part of the Therm-A-Sleep collection, the SNOW pillow protector is made of fabric woven from Nordic Chill fibres, a revolutionary fibre with impressive thermal conductivity qualities. Which is just a fancy way of saying that as soon as you lay your head on a SNOW pillow protector, you’ll feel an instant cooling sensation.

The SNOW pillow protector quickly transfer heat away from your head, spreading it out through the fibres where it dissipates into the relatively cooler atmosphere, giving you a cooler, sweat-free sleep.

Cotton fibres work in a similar way, yet the Nordic Chill fibres in SNOW transfer heat almost ten times faster than cotton fibres do, making SNOW cool to the touch.

To add to its cooling potential, each SNOW protector also features a cooling mesh fabric panel to promote air circulation through the pillow.

The SNOW pillow protector is also lined with Protect-A-Bed’s unique Miracle Membrane barrier, which prevents your pillow from soaking up moisture, and wicks sweat away from your head, for a drier, cooler sleep. It also protects you from dust mites and other pillow-dwelling allergens.

With a SNOW pillow protector, it’s easy to enjoy the cool of winter, even in the middle of summer.

The SNOW pillow protector is available at selected Dial a Bed and Bed King stores and sells for R1,070.

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