With South Africa easing back into a new normal, things are looking up for the hospitality industry. As a result of relaxed regulations, travellers are venturing out again after being forced to stay home for months.

What can you do to make their stay extra special, so that they not only come back, but tell their friends and family all about your establishment?

These eight small things are easy to do and could make all the difference when it comes to rebuilding your business.

  1. Welcome pack

A thoughtful welcome pack creates a great first impression. You could include a bottle of wine from the area and a packet of locally-made biscuits, rusks or sweet treats. Fresh milk and juice in the fridge are a nice touch. Tailor these items according to your type of guests, as business travellers, couples, and families with small children all have different needs. For example, for small children, you could include something special for them like a colouring book and crayons.

  1. A personalised note

Next to the welcome pack, leave a hand-written note. You can also welcome your guests by name, wish them a pleasant stay, and invite them to let you know if they need anything.

  1. Hand sanitiser and masks

Help your guests stay safe by providing them with a bottle of hand sanitiser and custom-made cloth masks with your logo. This reinforces your concern for their safety. And they will be reminded of their stay with you every time they wear them.

  1. Chocolate or sweet treat on each pillow

This simple, traditional gesture has long been a symbol of luxury and is a great way to wish your guests sweet dreams.

  1. WiFi

Unless you’re in a remote location where your guests want to totally disconnect from the digital world, they’ll expect access to reliable, free WiFi. While especially important for business travellers, most other guests will also want to check their emails and social media while they’re on holiday.

  1. Fresh flowers

Flowers in a vase brighten up a room and create that ‘home away from home’ feel. 

  1. Discount at a local café or restaurant

Work with local businesses to give your guests a discount in exchange for your recommendation. Your guests will appreciate your efforts to enhance their stay and save them money. You could also provide a personalised guide suggesting things to do, local restaurants, and the nearest supermarket, with contact details.

  1. Hygienic, clean mattresses and pillows

Banish your guests’ hygiene and safety concerns come bedtime by protecting their mattresses and pillows with Protect-A-Bed protectors. These have an impermeable, hypoallergenic waterproof membrane that prevents liquids and bodily fluids from reaching the mattress or pillow. They also keep dust mites out too. And they are whisper-quiet so won’t distract from a good nights’ sleep. You can wash the protectors with the rest of your linen, and even sterilise them at 120 degrees Celsius for extra reassurance.

Be sure to mention in your online listings and marketing that your beds are protected for your guests’ peace of mind. You can also add a note in your welcome pack or on the pillow to ensure guests know they can rest easy.

(And don’t forget to mention that it’s Protect-A-Bed protectors! We are the world’s leading mattress protection brand, supplying most of South Africa’s reputable bedding stores. Many consumers already have personal experience when it comes to trusting the Protect-A-Bed® name.)

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